Sunday, November 19, 2017

Onyx ChrisKing Hope Hubs Comparison

My assessment on the 3 boost hubs:
  1. Onlyx has inifinity engagement, similar to the helicopter rotor design. As a result, Onlyx hubs is dead silence and produce almost no sound. The weight is slightly heavier than ChrisKing hubs but lighter than Hope Pro4. The price is reasonable, slighly cheaper than ChrisKing. Onyx bearings are made of ceramic, and need replacement on yearly basis if you ride often.
  2. ChrisKing produces the most reliable hubs, almost maintenance free for many years to come.The trademark Bee sound is subjectively pleasant to hear. Rolling resistance (72 enagegment) is awesome but lose to Onyx. ChrisKing hubs are the most expensive of all but it it worth every single cent due to its superior quality and reliability.
  3. Hope Pro4 hub is good value for money. Cheapest of all yet offer good quality and reliability. Not a hub for serious racing but good enough for serious riding. Hope Pro4 hub has the highest rolling resistance of the 3, not surprise for making the loudest noise. If low budget is your priority, this is the hub you should consider.

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