Sunday, June 5, 2016

AbsoluteBlack Oval Ring Chainguide

Finally, long waited chain guide for oval ring. Bought direct from AbsoluteBlack, received within a week. Easy to install, no need to remove crank and ring. Just position the chain guide and screw it firmly onto the frame (ISCG) with 2 bolts. Adjust the position of the guide according to the ring size. For 32T, move the guide point to 2nd position (see photo). It weight only 26grams, negligible. No more drop chain, peace of mind :)

AbsoluteBlack Oval Ring Chainguide
Ordered direct from AbsoluteBlack website. Received within a week via DHL.

Ring Size Indicator
Adjust the position of the chainguide according to the Ring size (refer to attached table). For 32T, adjust the indicator to 2nd position.

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