Friday, August 7, 2015

Yeti Green SB6C

Yeti SB6c

Yeti SB6c Green Frame
The joy of receiving this green Yeti SB6c frame is beyond words. The workmanship is so perfect and flawless. Glad that I bought the green color, the sight of it makes you want to shred the trails immediately. It looks like an art piece that can be displayed in art gallery.

Yeti SB6c
Fortunately, almost all the components on my Pivot Mach 6 could be transferred to Yeti SB6c accept the chain, crank arm and shift cable. The Pivot Mach 6 chainstay is much shorter than that of Yeti SB6c, as such new chain and shift cable are required for Yeti SB6c. The Pivot Mach 6 used straight XX1 crank arm, while Yeti SB6c needed a bend arm for frame clearance.

Install Press Fit BB
Install Chris King Headset
First, install seatpost so the frame can be cramped on bike stand. Next, install BB and headset with press tool.

Install XX1 Rear Derailleur
Install XX1 crankset
Install rear derailleur and crankset, then insert new shift cable housing through the internal routing holes.

Yeti SB6c Installation
Install the fork, stem and handle bar, follow by the brakes. The brake cables have to be detached from brake levers for routing. If needed, bleed the brakes after installation. Replace new shifter cable according to SRAM installation guide. Install the front wheel to provide better support to work on.

Wheelset - Chris King Hubs and Ex Flow Rims
My Enve wheelset was sent to USA for warranty claim. It will take more than one month for replacement wheel to arrive. Meanwhile, build a new wheelset at Jia Long's shop at Bukit Merah branch. These extra wheelset will be used as spare wheels.

Maxxis DHR 2.3 Tubeless & Enve M60HV
Bleed Shimano XTR Brake
Bleed Shimano XTR Brake
Bleed the front and rear Shimano XTR brakes. Love Shimano brakes, very easy to bleed. It took one full day to build this rig, including running to Tay Junction at Bukit Timah a couple of times to buy shift cable and XX1 crank arm; and collect wheelset at Bukit Merah. Very fulfilling to build the Yeti SB6c together with my kaki Reza, the attachment and ride will be more meaningful and awesome. Last but not least, test ride at local trails to tune the suspension.

Yeti SB6c
Frame: Yeti Green SB6C Medium
Fork: Rockshock Pike Solo Air 160mm
Shock: FoxFloat X CTD
Headset: Chris King
Crankset: XX1 175mm
Chainring: SRAM 32T
Rear Shifter: XX1
Cassette: XX1 11 Speed
Chain: SRAM XX1
Wheelset: Chris King Hubs with Enve M60 HV
Tyre: Maxxis Minion DHR & DHF 2.3 Tubeless
Brakeset: Shimano XTR Racing
Rotors: Shimano XT RT-86 203mm Ice-Tech Front & Rear
Handle Bar: Enve 740mm
Stem: Thomson 50mm
Grips: Yeti Lock-On
Saddle: Yeti WTB Volt Custom
Seatpost: RS Revert
Pedal: Point One Podium 2
Weight: 12.9kg (28.44 lbs)

Fox Evol Shock
Got a free Fox Evol Shock upgrade from Yeti BT. The performance is awesome, once you got it tuned correctly. Big impact and small bump, it ate all up. The Fox Evol Shock setting for my style of riding at Bukit Timah and Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trails are 170psi and 8 clicks towards fast rebound. I was about 70kg on full gear. Watch the video below to see how the new Evol shock performed at BT MTB Trails.
Yeti customised green grip - sponsored by Yeti BT (Bro Reza)
Yeti SB6c - Enve M60HV wheelset first test ride at BT
Yeti SB6C Green
Ready to shred the trails

(Video: Test Ride Yeti SB6c)
(Video: Yeti SB6c Technical Switchback)

(Video: Testing new Evol Shock on Yeti SB6c)

Yeti SB6c Schedule Maintenance
Source: Yeti Service Manual

Will write detail review after Rotorua, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown riding trips.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail - Double Drop Section

(Video: BT MTB Double Drop)

This video demonstrates the fast line to ride this double drop at Bukit Timah mountain bike trails. The faster and safer line are along the middle of the 2 large boulders. Some riders took the left boulder line to gain more air time, but sacrifice on speed and smaller margin of error. During wet condition, best to roll down the drops on the left or right side, as the rock section can be very slippery.