Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Point 1 - Podium 2 Pedals

If you are looking for light, tough, grippy and reliable pedal, look no further than Point One Podium 2. The pedals are entirely built in USA. The pedals have been tested in many world championship races with positive results. Similar to many good companies, Point One listened to customer feedback. The new Podium 2 pedal is designed to rotate more freely than it predecessor Podium 1. Each pedal comprises of 4 sealed cartridge bearings; heat treated 4140 chromoly steel axle; grippy hollow 7075 Aluminium M5 studs; concave (10mm–8mm) thick platform (100mm x 100mm); and weigh only 285grams (pair).  Besides the ability to turn more freely, Podium 2 platform is thinner and lighter than Podium 1. I was fortunate to be among the first batch to receive Podium 2 from Point One. Podium 2 is one of the best flat pedals money can buy. Point One is aware of the need to service pedals regularly especially for hardcore riders. As such, Podium 2 is designed for ease of maintenance.

(Photo 01: Point 1 - Podium 2 Pedals)

Photo 01 illustrates Point One Podium 2 pedals. I have tried many other branded flat pedals, most of the studs cannot survive more than 3 BT rides. Podium 2 studs not only survive 6 months of regular rides, it also survive winter rides in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Refer to Photo 02, all you need is 4mm and 6mm allen keys to dismantle the axle. Rotate the two allen keys in opposite direction; the smaller 4mm allen key will be blocked in place by the platform, allowing you to unscrew the axle with the larger 6mm allen key.

(Photo 02: Remove Axle)

Refer to photo 03, one of the Podium 2 axles was in tip top condition after 6 months of regular abused under extreme conditions. 

(Photo 03: Podium 2 Axle)

Refer to photo 04, the other Podium 2 axle was not so fortunate. It was heavily rusted after 6 months of regular abuse under extreme riding condition.  The lube was totally gone. Possible explanation are: (1) faulty rubber seal which allow water to enter; (2) axle was not lubed properly in the factory; and (3) excessive used of Mucoff after ride. Further investigation shows that the rubber seal looks ok. Excessive use of Muc-off would have caused the same problem on the other pedal. My only conclusion is the factory may have forgotten to lub the axle during assembly.

(Photo 04: Rusted Podium 2 Axle)

Refer to Photo 05, removed the rust from the axle by using sand paper. Spray lubricant at the inner core of the platform to remove rust debris left over by the axle. Clean with cloth thoroughly. 

(Photo 05: Remove the Rust by Sanding)

Photo 06 illustrates the Podium 2 axle after the rust was removed by sand paper. Lube the axle thoroughly and remember to put the rubber seal over the axle. Ensure the rubber seal is positioned properly on the axle before inserting it into the platform. 

(Photo 6: Podium 2 Axle after Rust is Removed)

Refer to Photo 7, the bearing can be removed with proper tool kit. In this case, I rotated the bearing with my fingers to sense for abnormal vibration. Fortunately the bearing rotated smoothly. I simply clean away the dirt and lub the surface before inserting the axle. Screw the axle into the platform by using 4mm and 6mm allen keys. 

(Photo 7: Podium 2 Pedal)

Lub and install the podium 2 pedals onto the crank. As good as new, no more squeaking sound. Good to go :)

(Photo 08: Point1 Podium2 Pedal)

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