Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Ride From East Coast Park to Bukit Timah MTB Trail

(Photo: STRAVA Map)

In 2012, I did a short write-up on Singapore Green Corridor when it was opened to public (Build Mountain Bike Trail along Singapore Green Corridor). Two years later, I revisited the trails and explore the safest path to BT Mountain Bike Trails from East Coast Park Connector. The safest way to ride from East Coast area to Bukit Timah MTB park is via East Coast Park (ECP) PCN, Marina Bay and Singapore Green Corridor (Ex-KTM railway line). Along the way, you can make a few stops for refreshment, such as Satay By the Bay; Festival Market at Shenton Way; Alexandra Village Food Centre; and Binjai Park Coffeeshop at Bukit Timah. 

(Photo: Marina Bay Sand)

The distance starting from East Coast Park Food Centre to Marina Bay Sand (MBS) is about 13.4km.  If you are on recreation ride, you may want to stop by at Satay By the Bay (12.5km) for refreshment. During this ride, we decided to stopover at Festival Market and drop by Satay by the Bay on the way back home.

(Photo: Festival Market)

We stopover at Festival Market along Shenton Way for watermelon juice. Most of the stalls were closed on Sunday, as CBD businesses mainly catered for office workers. We craved for Chendo, but the stalls were closed and we settled for watermelon juice. 

(Photo: Green Corridor Nearest Entrance from City)

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station where the Green Corridor end (or start) was fenced up. You WILL NOT be able to access the Green Corridor if you entered from there. Trust me, we stuck inside the fenced section for almost 45mins. The nearest entrance (see above photo) into Green Corridor is along Kampong Bahru Road (near Bukit Purmei) just before the overhead bridge (crossing AYE). Check out the Green Corridor access point at Link to SGC

(Photo: Green Corridor Street Art under the Bridge)

The total Green Corridor distance starting from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is about 15km to 16km. You will ride pass under few bridges, of which two were painted with striking street arts. The above photo illustrated one of the best.  

(Photo: Green Corridor at Alexandra Industrial Park)

We decided to stopover at Alexandra Village Food Centre for Lunch. Once you pass Treknology Building (Trek dealer), look out for exit point at Alexandra Industrial Park (Block 1010). Refer to above photo, exit the Green Corridor Trails and navigate your way to Alexandra Village Food Centre. Estimate about 200m ride.

(Photo: Alexandra Village Food Centre)

The infamous Lau Phua Chay roasted pork and duck rice at Alexandra Village Food Centre,  awesomely yummy. 

(Photo: Roasted Duck Rice)

(Photo: Roasted Pork Rice)

The essence of these dishes was the roasted pork sauce. Ask for more sauce!

(Photo: Singapore Green Corridor)

After a good meal, we were recharged and continued our ride towards Bukit Timah MTB trails.

(Photo: Bukit Timah Train Railway Section)

When you see Bukit Timah Railway Station, you are very near to the entrance of Bukit Timah MTB Trails.

(Photo: Entry to Bukit Timah MTB Trails)

After about 33km of ride from East Coast Park Food Centre, we finally arrived at the entrance of Bukit Timah MTB Trails. I was ready to shred the trails. After BT ride, we rode another 36km along Green Corridor, MBS and ECP home. The total riding distance is about 69km in total.

(Photo: SIngapore Green Corridor)

After BT ride, we stopped over at Binjai Coffeeshop for ice lemon tea. While riding along the green corridor, we met photographers shooting nature; hikers; trail runners; family with dogs; and mountain bikers like us. If you are in to beat STRAVA timing, you will forget about the existence of those people you met. If you are in for leisure ride, try to enjoy the surroundings (under brazing hot sun). Otherwise, you may be bored to dead along the flat and unsheltered trails...

(Photo: Satay at Satay By the Bay)

On the way back, we stopped at Satay By the Bay at Garden By the Bay to have a quick fixed of satay craving. They made the best satay in Singapore.


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for this article. Favor, can you share the Strava route? Thanks. - Nox

  2. Awesome Chris! Didn't know MTB was so prevalent in Singapore or I would have brought my bike back in 2002! My wife and I stayed there for a week before going to Bali. It was awesome man! We did hit up the indoor snowboarding venue though...the workers were super nice! Anyway, glad I found your blog on the XX1 rear der adjusting! Cheers!

  3. Hi,

    Can arrange a meetup so any enthusiasts can follow you as you lead us through the route. Thumbs up!