Friday, January 10, 2014

Pivot Mach 6 Carbon XX1

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6)
Ordered Pivot Mach 6 full bike with XX1 components but replaced fox fork with RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air Fork 160mm, one of the best decision I made. I also replaced the stock stem with shorter Straitline Pinch Clamp Stem 50mm Red. The complete build up are:
1. Frame: Pivot Mach 6 Carbon, Medium
2. Shock: Fox Float X CTD Kashima
3. Fork: RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air Fork 160mm (1861g)
4. Headset: Pivot Precision Sealed Bearing 
5. RD: XX-1 11Spd Type 2
6. Shifter: XX-1 rear
7. Brakes: Magura MT-8
8. Crank: XX-1 GXP 30T (with Raceface crank protector)
9. Bar: Enve Carbon Riser 740mm
10. Grips: Lock On
11. Stem: Straitline Pinch Clamp Stem 50mm Red
12. Post: KS dropper internal cable
13. Saddle: Pivot WTB Vigo Team
14. Cassette: XX-1 10-42 11Spd
15. Wheelset: DT 27.5 SPLINE ONE XM 1501 XD Tubeless (1580g)
16. Tyre: KENDA Nevegal 2.35 front and rear

TOTAL weight without pedals: 11.9kg

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6 Frame) Birthday present from my wife. Bought this medium carbon black Pivot Mach 6 from Jia Long (Tiong Hin). Waited 3 months for this beast, worth every single second! It arrived before Christmas, and I was glad Jia Long managed to build it up just in time for Christmas! This frame is designed for aggressive trail riding conditions. It comes with 155mm travel next generation dw-link suspension design with position-sensitive anti-squat. The frame has internal cabling for shift cable and down tube dropper seat post.

(Photo:  RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air Fork, 160mm) To be honest, I did not know what I had missed until Pike comes along. This fork is a beauty, and the performance too. Besides more superior performance, it weigh only 1,861 grams,  about 100 grams lighter then Fox CTD. The Pike is unbelievably responsive. It suck up all bumps at such high rate that you just sail it through! The complete M6 comes with Fox CTD fork, glad to replace it with 160mm Pike!

(Photo: Shock: Fox Float X CTD Kashima) Fox has got it right this time. The Fox Float X CTD is quite responsive. The rebound has about 23 clicks (if I remember correctly) and the factory setting is about 6 clicks from minimum rebound. Varied the rebound rate between 10 to 20 clicks while riding at BF, BT Ketam and T15. Never like it and changed it back to factory setting. Personally, I prefer factory setting as it absorb most of the bumps and drops in our local trails. I sag it 30% for more plush feel. Switch the CTD to mid position for all riding condition. BTW, my kakis Ming and Christina who rode the same Pivot Mach 6 prefer higher rebound rate.

(Photo: Straitline Pinch Clamp Stem 50mm Red) Replaced the stock 70-80mm stem with 50mm stem since I prefer shorter cockpit length and more upright riding posture. Intentionally select red color to match the carbon black theme.

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6 and Nomad Carbon) Despite replacing with shorter stem, the reach of my medium Pivot Mach 6 still longer than my medium Nomad carbon. However, due to Pivot Mach 6 unique geometry, my riding posture is as upright as Nomad. Love it!

(Photo: Enve AM carbon Bar 740mm) Replaced the stock carbon bar with Enve AM carbon Bar, raise and uncut at 740mm. I am use to wide bar, it provides better control. Shorter stem with wider raise bar provides freeride riding posture, my style! Looks cool too!

(Photo: Magura MT-8 Brake) Despite hearing stories from my kaki about Magura brake compared to Shimano, I still proceed with MT8 for 3 reasons: (1) Super light, they are made of carbon; (2) Match my M6 color; and (3) Never try Magura brake before. Glad to make the decision, the modulation is so much better. Hopefully it does not fail me overtime. Still evaluating its durability. So far no complain.

(Photo: Magura MT-8 Brake) Single chamber, good enough for endurance ride!

(Photo: XX1 Drive chain) I can climb almost any slope with this ingenious designed drive chain. I went for 30T ring and 10/42 11-speed XX1 cassette. So far not a single chain drop in gnarly and mud fest terrains. Awesome!

(Photo: Crank protector) Bought this red raceface crank protector from Tay Junction for $18 a pair. My XX1 crank was saved a couple of times by this rubber protector when it hit the rocks at Ketam! Worth investing.

(Photo:  RD: XX-1 11Spd Type 2) Never failed to click at the right position despite madly shifted the gears at the last micro seconds. Trusted and reliable! Simplicity is what make this rear derailleur best in its class!
(Photo: Cover for Front Derailleur holder) Since I am running single ring, the front derailleur becomes obsolete. What a simple and ingenious way to cover up the screw holds. Pivot design is so thoughtful, my kaki Sammy had to buy this pivot cover for his ibis :)

(Photo: KS dropper internal cable) The KS internal cable dropper eliminate the earlier model design flaw. No more flying of mud into the actuator. So far it works perfectly. Personally, I think dropper is not necessary in local trails. I hardly remember adjusting the post since day one I ride this beast! (Need to take back my words. need the dropper during night ride in unfamiliar rough downhill sections, and BT double black boulders downhill section)

(Photo: Wheelset DT 27.5 SPLINE ONE XM 1501 XD Tubeless) The DT Swiss Spline One wheelset weigh only 1580g per pair. Surprisingly stiff. The rims and the ratchet system hubs are good combination for aggressive trail riding. Future upgrade may consider Enve rims, to complete the carbon infection!
(Photo: KENDA Nevegal 2.35 front and rear Tyre) Installed stock tyre Kenda Nevegal 2.35 on both front/rear running tubeless on my M6. Per tyre weigh about 749/753g. Reasonably light, fast and offer good traction. Did BT, Ubin and other trails, pretty good. Given a choice, would like to use my usual setup - Hans 2.35 for front and Nobby 2.25 for rear.

(Photo: Cable tie) Need to stick race shield pads to prevent cable rub on frame. Use cable tie to hold the cable in place while riding.

(Photo: Chain guide holes) I was lucky to have my buddy Ming gave me these nuts to cover the chain guide holes. Ming bought them from local hardware store. Good to prevent mud from going into the holes.

(Photo: Ketam Bike Park) One of the downhill sections at Ketam Bike Park. Pivot Mach 6 blasted over this section with ease. The level of confident is beyond words. Thanks my kaki Ian Ong for this shot!

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6 and Nomad Carbon) Give away my Nomad carbon to my son Zan. As what my kaki Ming said, we need to give up the good for the great. Going back home after our ride at BF.

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6) Night ride set up. Did my first night trail ride on Pivot Mach 6 with my MTB Kakis. Easy to mount light and battery pack on Pivot Mach 6. We do night trail ride every Wednesday, and day trails ride on Saturday and Sunday.

(Photo: Pivot Mach 6) Need to take care of my mistress, especially when she was given to me by my wife :)

This is the best all rounded mountain bike I ever ride. Thanks Ming for poisoning me, and thanks Jia Long for building it up to my riding style and liking. If there is only one bike I can own, this is it - Pivot Mach 6!
Where on earth can you find a local bike shop that willing to burn mid night oil to build your bike just because you desperately want to ride it? Only Jia Long! Besides the attraction of Pivot Mach 6, the professionalism displayed by him is one of the main reasons why I bought this bike despite having to wait for 3 months! Thank you my wife, Ming and Jia Long :)
Video: My first Pivot Mach 6 test ride. Did it at Butterfly trails, crossing the first big log. Clear this obstacle quite easily with my M6! More confident than any bikes I ever rode here. My first steep climb with tight switchback was done in Ketam Bike Park at Pulau Ubin. Who said long travel fork hard for climbing? This beast makes the climb so easy. To be fair, need to thanks XX1 drive chain and Pike fork too. Cheers and thanks for reading my blog!

Video: First M6 ride on the new Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trails with my kakis


  1. Is this much much better then the current Nomadc?

    1. Yes bro. Definitely better in most areas, including climb and descent. The DW-link technology is awesome, better pedaling efficiency and control. The 66 degree headtube angle compared with Nomad 67 degree does make a lot of different. Due to shorter chainstay, Mach 6 climbs and maneuvers so much superior than Nomadc. You need to try it bro :)

  2. Replies
    1. Bill, so far my local trails no need bash guard.

  3. Sweet ride my fellow DW link brother :)

    Gotta say though, you should give the XTR brakes a go , it will definitely complement your setup .

    1. Thanks Jun Wen. Will consider XTR brakes if my MT8 fails.

  4. By the way, how is the performance of the KS LEV seatpost? Considering getting one from TH (assuming if they have stock) .

    1. The KS internal cable seatpost so far so good, not too sure about the external cable version. Be sure to install properly as incorrect cable length (too long or too short) may affect the consistency of remote control function.

  5. Thanks for the tip , managed to place an order for a KS LEV instead of the Reverb hehe .

    Happy riding bro

  6. im inbetween sizes, can you tell me how tall you are so i can see whos buying what size?



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  8. hey where do you buy those stickers with your country and name that on on your frame?

    1. Get it from here

  9. diff. frame.? you holding, and ridding

    1. i think not. notice the frame you holding, dont have the hole in the frame under the seat post. or just me. bad eye.?

    2. Oh, you are right. I was holding small frame. Change my mind later, got a medium frame. You have sharp eyes!

  10. building mine. by the way. got the frame for 1G

  11. im wondering how it matches with the giant trance advance and its maestro sus. just wondering. hope you know thing or two.

    1. Not sure bro. Have not ridden the new trance, unable to provide honest opinion. My riding mate swear by it, he bought the latest trance. M6 is a playful bike, very forgiving.

  12. what psi, rebound and lsc do you run in your pike? (any tokens?)

    1. Depends on the type of ride. Usually about 75psi, rebound 11 clicks from slow and one token.

    2. Thanks Chris. My riding weight is 72kg and I'm using 60psi to get 20% sag, 7 clicks rebound from fast, and 4 clicks LSC from fast. One token as well.


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