Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Singapore Mountain Bike Marketplace and Forum

What will you do if you were grounded for 3 months and your passion in mountain biking still burning in your body? I found peace in penning my thoughts in this blog and candidly create storyboard on facebook page (MTB kakis). Although one of my readers commented that my blog is only fit for tourists, it is never intended for mechanics seeking technical information or for riders who want to know how 10mm increased in travel will affect the traction and rolling speed of  mountain bike during technical descent.  Glad to know my thoughts in this blog has positively influenced some of my kakis to ride more, and motivate them to perform simple bike servicing tasks. Hope that those who read my blog and planning a riding trip to my adopted country New Zealand will find my one cent worth of comments useful.  

Today, I would like to discuss about the development of Singapore Mountain Bike online marketplace and forum. Togoparts, the market leader in online content and marketplace for bicycles has monopolised Singapore market for many years. However, Togoparts faces many challenges including one-man Facebook warriors and bloggers that are filling up the gaps that Togoparts chose to ignore due to economic reason. The number of Facebook and Blog marketplaces targeting at cycling communities have exponentially mushroomed over a short span of 3 to 4 years. Thanks to growing cycling community in Singapore. However, many of these Facebook warriors and bloggers started their 'businesses' out of passion and to make some pocket money to support their hobby. Regretfully, the lack of persistency inhibited their growth. For now, the brick and mortar distributors and local bikeshop still dominate the marketplace.

Following is a list of online marketplaces and forums in Singapore, which I think will benefit readers who are new to mountain biking community in Singapore:
Founded in 2001, leverages on knowledge sharing among the community to generate awareness of cycling issues and to promote camaraderie among cyclists spread throughout Asia and the world. Content includes bike articles, forum, marketplace, local bike shop listing, event listings, reviews, and photo sharings. The articles and reviews are generally neutral although their revenues stream seems to come from sponsors advertising fees, membership fees, google ads and marketplace advertisement placement fees. Personally, I have learned a lot from this portal. Highly recommended for someone who is new to mountain bike community in Singapore.

Singapore Mountain Bike Forum (SMBF)
Founded in 1999, SMBF is currently managed by brick and mortar local bike shop Chapter 2 Cycle (C2C). C2C anchored product includes Ibiz frames. They leverage on SMBF online forum to create biking interest groups and provide first level of customer services to consumers. The online forum also provides simple marketplace for members to buy and sell second-hand goods that are related to bikes.
New kid on the block. This online portal target mainly mountain bike community; starting from XC to trail, all-mountain and downhill rides. They seems to be positioning themselves in the same space as Togoparts, except that they specialized in mountain bike (as the name implies) while Togoparts skewed more towards road bike that obviously has bigger market size and advertising dollars. fills the gap leftover by Togoparts, which I think is timely. However, it seems that carries their own line of product in comparison to Togoparts. In addition, seems to be a natural extension of Empire Racing, also a new setup that design, make and sell apparels that appeal to downhill bikers. Their challenge is to minimize conflict of interest and to entice advertisers that are willing to put their marketing dollars with them. As the business is run by mountain bikers who are passionate about the sports, I sincerely wish they succeed.

The Singapore Bicycle Flea Market
This Facebook marketplace was among the first few setup by one-man warrior. As of today, it has about 4,800 members. The marketplace has strict rules, including (1) must state price and post picture of the item they are selling; (2) Limit bumping to once every 24 hours to avoid cluttering, (3) Must indicate if the item is a fake/imitation/spin off/chiong item to avoid any misunderstanding and potential police case, (4) For bike shop, must post the advertisement under the bike shop's name. (5) Cannot link out to advetiser own personal or business websites. I have no idea how the business model work besides concluding that they run it out of passion.

Singapore Bicycle Flea Market
This Facebook marketplace was setup recently but has accumulated over 2,500 members as of today. The beauty of this Facebook marketplace is that it has no rules. So anyone can post their products for sale without guidelines. Similarly, I have no idea how this business model works besides assuming that the owner may have other brick and mortar business. This Facebook marketplace may be used as barometer to sense the market and analyze trends.


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