Thursday, May 10, 2012

CCDB Coil on Nomad Carbon

Should I concede or should I celebrate? Almost loss hope of owning the CCDB coil...justify myself to get an alternative after totally disappointed with the LBS. Fortunately or unfortunately, I came across while googling for shock, which happened to sell CCDB coil at a good price. After factor in the exchange rate, shipping charge and GST, the nett price from is still approximately 6% cheaper than LBS. Besides, took 2 weeks (International shipping) to deliver while LBS takes at least 6 weeks to deliver. To make thing worse, the LBS was unable to commit stock arrival. The LBS not even bother to contact me if stock arrive, the shop owner asked me to lookout for their Facebook for stock arrival. This is the kind of service we get from LBS. I will be a fool not to buy from online bike shop. After all, what do I have to lose since there is no service to talk about. Long live free market! the most efficient way to trade... 

Not all LBS are bad, one good example is DSP rep in Singapore who deliver DSP Krono ti-spring to my house. His service is exceptional: fast delivery...personal delivery... free installation ...and ensured you test ride and happy with the product! 

It is difficult to understand why would someone spend 40% of the price of a CCDB on a titanium spring? To be honest, what is the point of getting the best carbon frame without getting the best shock? Then again, what is the point of getting the best shock without getting the best spring? The logic seems to be endless but it is very true (ok, I am trying to justify my decision). To me, weight saver is the least priority to get ti-spring. The most important reason is better responsiveness and consistency. The next important reason is the awesomely sexy look, which is an art piece in its own right. Weight saving comes last, after all I would not have replaced by air shock if weight is top of my concern.

With the Nomad carbon and CCDB coil combo, no longer I have the excuse not to be the fastest on local trails. Couldn't wait to ride my new setup! Tuning of CCDB will be done on trail, will write a more detail analysis after the ride... 


  1. Hi Chris , care to share the experience shopping from AEbikes ? im considering ordering from them as well :)

    1. Well, my experience with AEbikes was quite pleasant. AEbikes is a brick and mortar company with good track record in the States. In fact, they were among the first few that started online store to complement their physical stores. If you resided in overseas (not in USA), you need to know exactly what you order as your option of making phone call will not be economically viable. If you use credit card issued in Singapore and the delivery address is in Singapore, you will need to email them a photocopy of your credit card and a photo ID after the online purchase. This requirement was not stated in the website, but AEbikes will email you after your purchase.

      Delivery was 2 weeks, although the website indicates 1 week (Express shipment). You will be given the tracking number to trace the parcel. Speedpost is the local shipping agent.

      My shipment arrived in good condition. Please note that their response to your email enquiry (if any) can be slow, as it is a family run business. You need to have faith that they will deliver the item. When you receive the parcel tracking number, the risk will be passed on to the freight forwarder. In case you did not receive the item, you can always raise dispute with your credit card company to do a chargeback.

      All the best bro!

  2. Hi Chris ,

    Thanks for the informative reply :) Just made the purchase with a steel coil and got ready with the pictures too , cant wait to try the shock out. I myself am upgrading from a rp23 to this hope i wont be disappointed ! :)

    Thank you once again chris

    Cheers !

    1. You are welcome. I am sure you will like it. Cheers!